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FOR ME &LADISL,our talks to be great &beautiful
Submitted By:Marina Petr
Prayer Request:That 1 Ladislav, converted, APPEAR on meetings I am calling, expecting him to come &that he want to talk &spend time with me, later. I believe he is willing &preparing for that. That he has good words, gestures &actions for me. WE WERE SEPARATED for quite a time, BECAUSE OF HIS MISTAKE. I do not want to bring that in our talks (I am attractive &with Charisma, glory to God) THAT HE HAS a lot of GOOD THINGS to say to me, I too WANT FOR OUR COMMUNICATION to be the most GENTLE, GORGEOUS, intriguing and beautiful.&that our future marriage be GORGEOUS and awesome, GODLY EFFICIENT and BEAUTIFUL.Thant You for support in prayer/ for MARINA &Ladislav


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